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Sunday, April 25, 2010

tiger wood in the making

no update for few days,
was busy doing on calls!
yes, i was oncall on thursday,
then i was oncall again on saturday
life couldnt be better...

i'm starting to enjoy my new hobby - golf.
it's a sport actually,
require a lot of skills and energy.

i'm still new, still learning,
looking for friends to come n play along with me
apparently not many golfer around in my age

so, most of the time i ended up playing with grandpa and uncles
which is good ;
hanging out with older group ,
make me wiser
and learn new things
and a few tricks in life
something that u wont find in any book.


Jane said...

few tricks? is it for survival ;p
hehe.. i wonder what the tricks are *wink wink*

Mummy Hanny said...

Aaaaaarrrrrrghhhhh pressure gile when men start talking GOLF! But being a good wife who are full of sport, terpaksa la redha je bila laki nak pi 'menebas'... :|