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Friday, April 02, 2010

i didnt say i told u so

a few days back, i was writing about how dangerous was the dengue fever.
that was before the country was shock about the news on the famous comedian in malaysia was admitted to ICU due to dengue hemorrhagic fever
and today, again we were shocked by the news that he just passed away

al fatihah for him...
and condolence to the family
before i start making my points , let's me remind all the reader here - i'm not trying to be critical to anyone
but just stating the truth

most of the people didnt take the dengue issue seriously
as we all witnessed today, it could easily caused death

according to the Din beramboi family members and friends , he got the fever about more than a week ago, nonetheless, he refused to see the doctor
but opted for traditional medicine instead.
no arguement there , it was his life, he decided what best for him
he only presented to the hospital when he was critically ill..

well, it's a normal situation , malaysian doctors have to face everyday.

most of the people , especially the elderly - not very keen to go to the doctors when they are sick at the first place.
their first line of treatment would be the bomoh , tukang urut , dukun, pawang , bobozihan and whatsoever
in the year of 2010 , people still chose traditional medicine as their treatment of choice.
this pattern are common , especially in malay tradition.

and when the condition worsening , and the traditional medicine didnt show any improvement ,
they finally decided to come to the doctor ( after a long discussion and meeting with all family members )

As they finally agreed to see the doctor , these kind of people who already sought treatment from traditional medicine practitioner, they came with renal failure , liver failure and other organs failure - most likely due to the traditional drugs which mostly are toxic to our body

hence, with that critical and chronic condition, there is nothing much doctors can do.
and we are to blame when these kind of patient died at hospital.

i'm not saying that all traditional medicine are nonesense and irrelevent
what i'm trying to state here,
if u are sick, please come to us , doctors :)


syazyatie said...

some people might don't have the money going to private GP & of course going to poliklinik kesihatan made them even, don't be too judgmental..might as well the statement on din beramboi in any paper is just plain rumour.biasala..sensasikan berita. everything happens for a reason.

Hannan said...

it's not about the money...
it's the attitude
pegi jumpe bomoh pon kene bayar skarang ni..