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Thursday, April 08, 2010

am i getting old

came back from work quite early today
luckily nobody is dying in my ward.
had a calm day'
just another at work

reached home, then turned on my lappy
checked my email, fb... then read the news..
then went out to jog..

came back home from jogging..
made myself ceasar salad for dinner..
watched a movie while having dinner alone..
it was a funny movie.. was laughing alone..
i dont care..

then , finished movie ,
decided to do the laundry ,
then went up to the bedroom ,
i ended up reading the emergency medical book.. ( wow)

and here i am currently... feeling asleep..

i guess this is it..
i reached a point..
where being home , is better than being out with friends
am i getting old... mmmm..


Adry said...

everyone getting old... hehehe

Adry @

::aDDlinaMS:: said...

yaY yaY..aNda dah tUo.haha