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Thursday, April 22, 2010

who is sya_zazoo

to sya_zazoo..
1st, thank u for visiting my blog'
but after reading ur comments,
u r not very much welcome here.

i dont know who the heck u are ,
but i'm sure we never met ,
and i definitely never treated u.

yes, i'm still a young doctor , only work for nearly 2 years....
but i'm proud of what i've done, and i'm grateful
let me ask u sya zazoo..., when u are at my current age , 25 years old..
how much do u achieve?
how much do u make a month???
not trying to show off here,
but u are very irritating

i do not intend to find out who u are,
but a a few of my readers apparently know u
and some of them work at the same office as u do sya zazoo
they did write to me about you
apparently , according to these few people
" u are not very like-able at ur office because of ur attitude"

and u are very famous due to ur not so nice action and words

which, explain all ur rude comments here.

I'm sure even medical students have better view than u are

honestly, just go away

if u dare to make comments here, x payah la letak gambar anak kat profile tu
show ur true face..
letak gambar anak pon orang tau...


Anonymous said...

Hans...just ignore that lady. you know you are far more smarter and wiser than just let her be. kalau kita layan orang mcmnie...kita pun sama laa taraf mcm strong ok!

(ur ex-farisian senior)

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

I think you can find her using her yahoo ID, which according to her blogger info is syazyatie.. so I searched for on FB and got a profile.. maybe it is her..

curiosity kills me.. ;)

kazuhiko said...

internet memang powderrrful. malas nak reveal sampai habis. tapi kamon la. set /ignore je doc.amik yang positif je. ko pun jangan la sentap cepat. selama ni aku tengok cool je.lately senang sentap.jangan2 stress.nanti cepat tua. :)

yang fans ko ni pun toksah la semangat sangat nak panggil orang bodoh ke apa.

kang musti ada kaki bash cakap aku sya_zazoo tu pulak. :P

Perempuan said...



sya_zazoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Perempuan said...

Neither will he have sya_zazoo as his radiographer, I guess :D

sya_zazoo said...

dear perempuan,
thanx anyway. what a good point u have there.

sorry hannan if i offended you. I was just giving my opinion. maybe the comments was too harsh on you. sorry again..but i still holding up on it.