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Saturday, July 07, 2012

correct intravenous injection technique

regarding my previous post
i received this honest question from a reader
Blogger babycomel said...
errrk, 'if the injection is not done properly' how we know it was not done properly doctor?? if we had the complication we can assume that the injection was not done properly la ye? alamak, takutnya
Jul 7, 2012 1:53:00 AM

occay, here is the thing
for doctors , intravenous injection supposed to be a simple task as it is something we do everyday.
hence, we are good at it. ( we are not talking about houseman here - housemen are new doctors who are still learning , hence they may not be as good in doing this  - no offence )

anyway , there are rules to follow when doing intravenous injection. u need to follow these rules to avoid any undesirable complication.

firstly , the site of injection. the best site of intravenous injection would be the cubital area. nevertheless in some cases , the vein is not visible - hence the experience of a doctor is needed here to find the visible vein.

when the vein is located , tourniquet is applied to stop to blood flow at the area , then the site is sterilized using alcohol swab.

selection of correct needle size and syringe size is crucial in order not to damage the vein. Too big , u will destroy the vein , too small , it will be difficult to administered drugs into the vein.

the most crucial part is when injecting the drug into the vein. if u doing it straight from the syringe n needle into the vein - without the help of branula or butterfly ... u must have a very steady hand to make sure that the needle will not slip from inside the vein . a little movement could make the needle slips outside the vein , and that will cause a lot of pain and swelling....

occay , that is pretty much the rules u have to follow , the correct way of intravenous injection
sound easy isnt it?

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Honeybee said...

i am afraid of syringe :p