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Sunday, July 01, 2012

A fresh start

Well...not so fresh actually
I m down with fever n flu
Not the best condition to start my week

But I m thankful that I am still alive !!!

Flu is very irritating
Makes us uncomfortable
And makes people around us uncomfortable to be around us as well

Most commonly flu is caused by vital infection
Hence it could not the treated with antibiotic
Usually when u r having a very bad flu and bad fever, the best medication to be taken is the anti virus such as tamiflu...
But then tamiflu is a very expensive drug.
And hardly prescribed in the government hospital
Because in many cases viral fever resolved by itself
No medication is needed
Like they say... Time heal everything!

Not sure why the tamiflu is very expensive here
Back in Moscow we have a cheap and very effective anti virus... I forgot the name.. Will check it later . But that drug is not available in our country pharmacy ...
And no... It is not called kaspersky or dr Solomon ... That antivirus is worthless against influenza virus


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