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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby nia is a great teacher!

I miss my baby nia
Being apart from her is sometimes unbearable
She is so cute.
When she wakes up in the morning...
As soon as she opens her eyes..
She will scan the room looking for me
When she finally get a glimpse of smile ..
She will then smile happy and claps her little hand together
That would be the cutest thing...
Those small fingers...
She is an angel

She thought me a lot of thing
She thought me to wake up in the morning with a smile
Frankly, I am not a morning person
Prior to this, I want my morning to be silence and quite
Hate talking in the morning
I want to start my day listening to the wind blowing and the birds chirping ..

But nia changed the situation upside down.
I woke up in the morning with a big smile on my face as soon as I see her cute little face
Cuddling with her mother.
That is so comforting :)
Waking up in the morning with ur loved ones beside u.. That is priceless

When we both awake.. It won't take baby nia long before she opens her eyes as well.
She needs to feel somebody presence by her side when she is sleeping
Or else she will become restless
But then she only did that when mommy and daddy are around
When we r both oncall, her granny said she could sleep alone by herself in the room . Smart kiddo indeed :)

How could u not miss that little child rite ?

Do u know what I do when I miss my little princess...?
I ll mumbled to myself .. Calling her name... Niaa ... Shakira... Baby nia..
All by myself as she is in front of me ...
Even thou she is not physically nearby me... When I say her name .. I could see her smiling :))


Azrine Aziz said...

Salam Dr,
Im sorry for asking few questions under this post tho they're not related at all hehe.

Btw if u dont mind sharing :
1. Katakan a pregnant mom all this while pergi check-up at private clinic/hospital but at last (arnd 8 mths) she decided to deliver at GH. Would GH accept her? If yes what is the procedure to reg at GH?
2. How much does the delivery cost normal & ceaser ? (she's a housewife and her husband kerja swasta)

Thanks doc for sharing :)

Dr Hannan said...


Reen Tart Nenas said...

i'm still trying to conceive :(
any recommended female gynea doc?

aisya said...

baby nia sebijik macam mummy dia :)