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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good bye Hrpz ll

Finally , eventually
I got my transfer
I handed in my transfer request last season ( mcm Wayne Rooney la plak)
And I finally got it

It has been a lovely 4 years in Hrpz ll.. From 2008 until 2012.
So many memories here
Good ones, bad ones
Being screwed, got screwed
And screwing other when I am a senior
Just a cycle of life as a doctor.

It is not that I hate Hrpz ll that I requested to transfer
Damn I love this place
I love my Anaest department
The best department in the world
No where in the world I would find such a family like department.
Going to work everyday seems like " balik kampung"

We have breakfast together... Helps each other in ICU and Ot ..
Such a harmony condition here.
It is a comfort zone for a lot of people here.

But then...
We have to let go
In order to gain new experience in life
I ll be going to hospital Tanah Merah starting next week
Will be the new Anaest there
So excited to work at a new place

To my colleague at Hrpz ll
I thank you for everything
Sorry if I offended any of u
Sorry for my wrong doing
I have such a great memories here
Learnt a lot

Now it's time for a new experience at htm


misz_eyza said...

selamat bertugas di tempat baru yer dr hannan...(^_^)

misha.w said...

all the best doc daddy!