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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleaning out my closet

My last day at Hrpz ll

Of course I am excited to go to hospital Tanah Merah
But I do feel a bit sad
Having to leave Hrpz ll
A place where I actually started my life as a doctor
A place where I learned a lot of thing
A place I never forget

Hopefully one day I ll get the chance to come back here again
Should I get into the master programme
I ll be back here as soon as next year

But then
I haven't make up my mind regarding furthering my study

Just go with the flow
For the time being

I ll just enjoy the moment
Continue treating people
And save life

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I stumbled upon your blog while making up master's exam questions actually...:)) and I feel that I am obliged to encourage you to further your studies- either masters or any of the membership/fellowship programme. Never hesitate! I did once and I lost out on a whole lot of precious time.