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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

working on aidil fitri

salam aidilfitri
ampun maaf di pinta
zahir dan batin.

it has been a wonderful 29 days for fasting
and now it's time for celebration
a day of joy and togetherness

for most people , yes.
but for some
they do have to work
i was lucky   , having a lot of non muslim working in the same department
hence all the muslim could have day off during aidil fitri

still, there are many muslims out there who has to work during this blessful day
in a perfect world , i wish i could shut down the hospital during hari raya hence
all the staff could celebrate hari raya with their beloved family
nevertheless - we live in a not so perfect situation
there are sick patients everyday
there are people who need  emergency surgery while others are performing raya prayer
there are unfortunate people who need icu care while others are eating lemang and ketupat

for all of these situation
a lof of people need to sacrifice their happiness
to save other people life
this is happening for not only hospital staff
same goes to policemen , fire fighters and others.

and yes - for all this sacrifices - at least a patient could do , or the relative could do is - say thank you

- which rarely said by them
and we dont really expecting those actually
but for goodness sake
at least - do not complain much and being very fussy during this day

i had experience the situation...
and a lot of my work mate encountered the same problems too...
the patients n relatives been complaining a lot
especially during hari raya...
someone is sick ,
the whole family went to emergency department
and everyone start complaining when the doctor didnt attend them immediately

please understand during hari raya - we dont have enough staff
only oncall doctors are working
same goes to staff nurses and medical assistants
hence , for non life threatening cases
u may not be attended ASAP if there are other near death situation around
the least u could do is say thank you to the doctor who left her or his family
to treat people during hari raya.....

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