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Saturday, September 10, 2011

i was in dilemma

and again...
a long absence from this blogging world...

but still.. i am back
still in raya mood
wishing everyone a happy hari raya

truth was -
i was in dilemma
i have been thinking hard lately...
last few days
consulting a lot of people

and i reckon i have my decision
a right one i hope

i have been working at the hospital ( GH) for quite sometimes
and i am telling u ,
i'm grateful and happy to be able to serve the people
it was my honour to treat the unfortunate
it was a wonderful moments to save plenty of lifes
and i was very glad

all of those - it is very tiring
and very exhausting

i want to take a rest for a while from all these adrenaline rush
i want to take a break..
being an anaesthetist in such a busy hospital...
is taking its toll on me.

maybe it's time for me to go somewhere else
somewhere more quite
somewhere i can work with not so dying patient
somewhere where i dont have to see people die everyday.

i have decided to ask for transfer.

and i know...
my anaesthetist knowledge and skill will be go to waste once i work at small clinic
but i need a fresh air


to be continued....


Princess Nur said...

ala doc..baru berapa thn u keje takkan dh boring kot? kena cari pengalaman banyak lagi tu..lambat lg nak pencen..huhu

Wahidah said...

Juz decide whatever yg hannan nak buat..kwn2 doakan yg terbaik..insyaAllah rezekiNya di mana2