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Saturday, September 17, 2011

tonsilitis - part 1

i was unwell
my tonsil was once again being infected by crazy bacteria
story of my life

i have been sick for quite few times this year
all , thanks to my beloved tonsil,
the bloody culprit

until this time - i didnt realize the tonsil was the mastermind
for all my unwell being lately

i reckon i got the infection while i was doing locum
yeah ,
at hospital
we use full protection ,
mask ... scrubs , hands sanitizer ...
all those thing which keep the bacteria and virus away
but then
during locum
i dont really wear a mask
since patient who pay to see the doctor
most of them would love to see the doctor's face

so , during my previous locum
i have a few patients with urti
some quite severe
and i reckon... there was the source of my acute on chronic tonsilitis

how do u know u have tonsilitis?
well ,... to start with... u have to have a pair of tonsil! ( lots of kid had them removed during school age )

it started with the symptoms..
sore throat....
then u started to have fever...
in my case... very bad fever .. my temperature went up to 39.5 degree celcius...
and accompanied by severe chills and rigor....
not to be forgotten... the common feature such as body weakness and headache...

worst case scenario happened to me...
i was oncall the night when my temperature was at 39.5 ...
and i was having crazy chills and rigor inside the ot that time...

as the condition worsening..
u could feel something sitting inside ur upper respiratory tract
something big... and it caused a lot of pain in ur throat
i would say , it felt like having  a cactus at the base of ur tongue
yeah... exactly felt that way..

u will have difficulty in swallowing food...
which eventually cause u dehydrated..
u lips become dry... so does ur skin
as u take orally less , since the throat has obstruction in it....

,,,,,, to be continued in part 2


wawamagic said...

get well soon, doc :)

Adzrul Ariff said...

we always advice the kids to get icecreams, like those in McDs, for those kids with tonsilitis. Best treatment ever for the kids (plus the antibiotics of course)

maybe you can try it too?

AziniMZ said...

doc, nk tanya sikit.. betul ke susu coklat leh buat kanak2 kencing manis?