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Friday, August 26, 2011


had a busy  , hectic oncall yesterday
i am exhausted
i am JADED....

i'm drained - physically and mentally.
last night - the cases keep coming - non stop
the icing of the cake was
we had  a 12 hours surgery
involving many dicipline

a gardener was involved in a very serious moto-vehicle accident
and he suffered a heavy injury ..
multiple fracture..
basically , the face was torned apart
the facial bones are scattered ...

so yes , he is in a very ill condition
and last night he endured a very long surgery to fix all the fracture
involved so many dicipline

we started with ophtalmology team to fix the wound at the retina...
then came in the orthopedic team to deal with the arms...
the wound was very dirty and the surgeons was struggling to make sure the wound wont be infected in the future...
those two teams took about 6 hours ...
the came in the dental team..
to fix the facial bones..
and my Goodness...
the surgeons needed 6 hours to plate the facial bones back together
not sure how many titanium plates were used last night
but i know there were a lot

and yes -a total of 12 hours surgery..
3 teams...
so many surgeon.
but the same pair of anaesthetist ..
we i have to say ..
we were very tired
trying to keep the poor gardener alive thru out the surgery
which was not an easy job i have to say
but - it was our job to make sure the patient survived the operation

alhamdulillah , the surgery went well..
the patient was ok ...
no immediate complication seen
he still need to be ventilated and intubated for few more days
for airways protection
and i believe he will come out well...

and for us ...
i dont know what happened to my partner this morning.
all i know ,
someone wake me up around 8 am ... i reckon it was my boss who came to do icu round..
still i couldnt open my eyes..
i only managed to hit the shower at 11 am....
woke up looking like a lion i believe..
took my shower... and headed home safely...

now... i need my well deserved rest..


wawamagic said...

very noble job. well done doc :)

Suliana said...

siannya.. ingatkan senyap dah balik k dah.. hehe.. slmt hari raya doc :-) have a nice day..

fynAz123 said...

hi Dr Hannan..i read ur blog recently.. and i love the feel like being a doctor when i read ur entries.. well, my ambition was used to be a doctor, but now, i'm doing my degree in medical imaging..
anyway, hope u will be a great doctor and always serve the people sincerely..
keep writing new entry, and i will read it.:)

Selamat hari raya!