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Friday, August 19, 2011

i was 23 years old.

answering one of the puzzled reader's question here
on how do i managed to become a doctor at the age of 23...

well, nothing fancy , nothing amazing
just ran with the flow
a lot of my classmate managed to do so as well
here is the secret

i sat for my SPM at the age of 17 , same as other people
then by age of 18 , i got the offer to go oversea to study medicine
on my 18th birthday i flew abroad
started my first year ( pre med )
so , 1st year med - i was 19
2nd year med i was 20 ,
3rd year med school i was 21
4th year , i was 22
5th year - the final year i was 23

came back home to malaysia at the age of 23 , after a month resting at home...
then i got the offer to start my life as a houseman

next question.. what's the different between Houseman (HO ) and medical officer

a HO is actually not a registered doctor yet
just a training period
of 2 years
( yes , u do get ur UD41 grade as soon as u started - and a full UD41 salary as well )
in that training period - a houseman is protected by the hospital - should he did anything wrong
the law cant sent him to jail
anything he or she screwed up , the specialist in charge will be responsible
which explain why the houseman needs a lot of training

once  u finished ur housemanship
then u get ur full registration certificate from the medical association
then u become a real doctor
u will be called the medical officer by that time (MO)
u will get ur UD 44 grade as soon as u get ur full registration certificate
which means - u are on your own
u are responsible for everything u did
nobody will protect u if u screw up

so there you go


dyradyana said...

now I know. So young and a houseman. Walaweh!

~~faizatul akma~~ said...

wow..yourlife is so smooth and amazing..=)

Suliana said...

now how old are u? dah kawin lum? hehe.. soalan gatal skit.. :-p

Dr Hannan said...

dyra - zaman houseman dah habis dah,,, now pursuing master insya ALLAH

Dr Hannan said...

faizatul - alhamdulillah....

suliana - kawin satu dah.... kawin dua belum..
i m 27

~FaRa~ said...

DOC.if u wanna make government housing loan,me can help as i work @BPP

faRhaNA sHaFIe said...

my journey was not as smooth as urs but alhamdulillah now i'm glad to start HO the way only 1 year younger than u doc !

Dr Hannan said...

thanks fara .... BPP tu apee? sorry i jakun sket...

farhana - it's not smooth sailing after all... i have drugs allergies... heeheh

~FaRa~ said...

aduhai doc..BPP tuh bahagian Pinjaman perumahan-provide housing loan for government servants

CoOkiE MoNSter said...

such an interesting life..lets us pray for the better. =)

BayuTimur said...
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