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Monday, August 15, 2011

I want epidural

20-30 years ago ,
mothers delivered their baby at home - assisted by mak bidan , safely
our parents and grandparents are the living evidences of those
no doctors, no nurses...
just some massage n prayer by the mak bidan
most - turned out to be ok
the babies are healthy and alive
some unlucky mother - died of complication
and back then , those who dead due to complication of giving birth
are said to have evil spirit or something like that

nonetheless , thing have changed now , by a lot
mothers want doctors to deliver their child
- which is a good thing
and not a problem if u are delivering at the private hospital
which , u are paying a lot
u could ask anything when u pay ... and nowdays
all mothers want epidural when giving birth

of course it's very helpful to the mothers
and the doctors at the private sector love giving epidural
as they can charge more
and ultimately , less pain to the mothers

however ,
the problem arises at the government hospital

for ur knowledge..
not any doctors could do the epidural thingy
only anaesthetists are trained to do epidural
and these anaesthetists - are busy people...
these group of doctor - are incharge of the ICU
taking care of critically ill patient
and they are the people whom to be called when someone is dying

hence - of all their job list in the government hospital
giving epidural comes last
as it's not life threatening
i know this well as i belong to this group of doctors
we dont have the luxury to spend a lot of time in the labour room giving epidural to mothers
as most of our time and expertise is needed at the red zone emergency department where people are dying

there are a lot of comments from public asking why their request to get epidural for giving birth at the government hospital are not being fullfilled
the reason why.... is what I stated before.
there are only one anaesthetist running outside everyday ..
and this one anaesthetist spends most of his time at the red zone

unless that particular anaesthetist is really free
and nobody is dying..
then he or she could pay a visit at the labour room


Suliana said...

o i c.. macam tu ke.. masa saya deliver anak sy yg 1st kat hosp ampang, tak amik epidural pun, epi tu yg cucuk kat blkg tu kan? yg sy igt sy kena cucuk kat peha, tapi tak tahu la cucuk apa tu.. hehe..

Dr Hannan said...

salam suliana....
epidural yg cucuk kat tulang belakang tu,,
yg cucuk kat peha tu mende lain awak...

Aku Ibu Muda said... I know :) Thanks for sharing young doc!

Tapi nasib baik akak tak teringin pon nak ambil epi...cause of the scary side effect that I read out!