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Friday, February 13, 2009

dude... where are u?

where are we now?
Nearly more than half a year we graduated together and we hardly see each other now
4 of us were in the same class in moscow
Currently me workin in HKB, taka in hospital Terengganu , faiz is HUSM and anwar in Hospital Klang.
Even thou hkb and husm is pretty near - we seldom see each other.
Yeah, the crazy job as doctors did somehow killed the social part of our life I reckon :P
Anyway - for me ; I'm counting my days at the O&G department
It has been 3 month of exciting joy and fun dealing with the pregnant ladies :P
It is a wonderful job - being a OnG doctor
but then - It's not my dream job
Still hoping to be a plastic surgeon in the future
It wont be an easy task
But hopefully I'll make it thru :P
Nevertheless - for the timebeing - I just pray that my intership period wont be extended!

* Last chance for the ladies out there who wanna seek OnG advice n treatment for me !
I'm praying to be moved to other department in a month time :)


Anonymous said...


Itu la realitinya bila kita sibuk mcm xde life je...huhuu...
apepun, good luck k..:)

juelee said...

dr hannan...

dah keje neh cam kekawan pun rasa jauh je padahal dekat je opis memasing..
hmmm missed good old days...

good luck ye semoga mnjadik dr O & G yang cemerlang!

Mrs.Sheikh said...

dear dr..

haaa... nanti jadi cam nip/tuck tu okkk!! :D

julie^beth said...

OnG is an interesting area. but u everyone has their own interest rite? work on it yeah.. sometimes to achieve something u have to sacrifise something..

u have a chance to be a doctor n be a great one!!

mummysyafie said...

ala..sian nye. sibuk sangat erkk?

dR Hannah said...

i've been ur silent reader all this while.all the best dr! for both ur career and personal life!