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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free Ride - KL to Kota Bharu

Goooood News for those who want to go back to kelantan this raya but have no bus ticket or no other way of going back home from Kuala Lumpur. A fren of mine is looking for free passengers :) to accompany him on the road from KL to KB. He's a fren of mine at the lancerGT club - meaning his will be driving his lancer back home. FREE ride with lancer from KL to KB. No kidding!

Here's is a copy of his special offer!

"ok guys....for those who cant go back due to no tickets to kota bharu this is very good news to u all....i am going back on monday nite or tuesday early morning to kota bharu ALONE...yes alone....i am offering this to club members those who wanna join my ride....if no one then its open to public....aiseyy i cant drive alone boring...

terms n condition applies...

1. no extra baggage....1 bag per lancer is not pick up truck

2. preferable male... if no male then i will have to accept female.

3. i will do only 1 pit stop ...gua musang or grik if use utara selatan highway

4. be on time whenever i said so....if u guys have time managemant prob pls forget it..

for time being thats my if anybody interested pls let me know....shorlisted candidates only will be notified...sebarang surat mail....kad raya (nak bodek)...tidak akan di layan sama sekali...SELAMAT HARI RAYA....

interested? email him at -


Chika Chika said...

chika layak ka?
tapi takda sebab pulak nak balik KB.
kah kah.
service balik johor takda?

pearlEJ said...

hehehehe... bagus gakk ekkk buat mcm tu, at least ada org temankan... org yg nak tumpang lagi ler seronok, sbb free... ehehehe....

MULAN said...

waahh.. bagus offer ni. grab it girls & guys..!!!

eid mubarak greetings to u, shidah & family.. maaf zahir batin..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Very kind driver ;) Cute, ah?

Witty Angel said...

nak tumpang frm ireland ok?hahahaha