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Friday, September 19, 2008

the story of men

Dear MsB - Touche'

Daaaa.. it takes two to play this dangerous game :P

Occay, I have a little story of words of wisdom for all the ladies out there. Something to think about over the weekend :)

a long long time ago , a very wise man once old ( bukan saya, atok sape ntah ) - God bestowed men with a talent. But this talent never been appreciated by the women. Men have been given the talent of "not telling the truth" a.k.a being a liar. BUT, whenever a man lies - he lies in the name of love :).

Moral pada hari jumaat yang mulia ini. sayangilah kaum adam yg comel ini yer :)


my name is mrs taj said...

lies in the name of love? iye ke?...

tp dh klu that man lies bcuz of pasang dua tiga pun in the name of luv ka??

it makes me wonder..hurmm

tini said...

once again.. it runs in the family :)

Ms B said...

So does this mean I get raya card? *grins*

Actually, both men and women are capable liars (not just men, ok?). It all boils down to individual. If a person loves us and vice versa, shouldnt we able to be ourselves? *smiles*

Honesty and open communication is always the best policy. However, not many people can handle the truth. So they lie! *smiles* So you have a good point there.

tiffany said...

gegeggegegege... itu statement berbahaya kak tini...

μάγά said...

yup.. setuju ngn tiffany n semestinya ms b.. coz 4 me.. dalam apa pun keadaan.. yg paling baik adalah apabila kita dapat bersikap jujur.. n alhamdulillah... insan2 yg kat sekeliling maYa selalu mengajar maYa untuk bersikap jujur.. n salah seorangnya lelaki.. so x kira lelaki or perempuan.. x de istilah menipu disebabkan cinta or apa pun.. bergantung pada individu.. as long as he or she knw apa yg dier buat :p

mummysyafie said...

selalu erkk orang laki tipu? tak penah terfikir lak..