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Monday, September 15, 2008

Evening Primrose

Someone asked me what the heck is evening primrose. Honestly, I dont know much about it - but all I know is this "thing" has become the ladies new best fren!

Evening Primrose is actually a flower - and nowdays, is used worldwide as an alternative medical substance. The oil is made from the seed and turned into pills.


Asal usulnya, evening primrose digunakan utk mengubati gatal2, eczema mahupon RA.

Zaman skarang, minyak daripada EVENING PRIMROSE digunakan utk pelbagai penyakit sakit puan. Seperti- senggugut, monopouse syndrome, PMS , sakit buah dada ( breast pain ) dan lain2 la...
Ada juga mengatakan yg ubat ni bole menyembuhkan cancer ( x tau la betul ke x... mcm xle caye jer... )

HOWEVER - needless to remind u , this is not a medical medicine! Just a traditional/alternative medicine. It may not goes well with what ur doctors think.

Side effect? - nothing serious , just gangguan kepada sistem pencernaan.

KESIMPULAN - take this meds on ur own risk. As a doctor, I DO NOT recommend this :P heheheh.... this meds isnt scientically proven!


Tny said...

Owhh.. cmtu rupanya primrose ni.. as food supplement jelah kan?

Side effect tu.. seperti apa? Kerap gi toilet ke?

BTW thanks for the info.. dh jd cm kaunter pertanyaan plak =)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

It circulates the blood, that's well helps women (since we have period, kan). My friend was diagnosed with Endometriosis, her gynae prescribed her 1000mg of Evening Primrose and other medications.

Chika Chika said...

baru jek tergerak ati nak try. sebab ada orang recommend. tapi doctor tak recommend plak

mummysyafie said...

ooooo....semput takde ubat erkk?