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Sunday, September 28, 2008

i can feel it in the air

Hari Raya is just a few days away, I could feel it coming! This year raya gonna such a bomb for me. After 6 year celebrating hari raya in such a special way in moscow - finally , I'm back home to celebrate the real hari raya. It's damn good to be home. No doubt about it.
Earlier today , I went out to hang out with my frens while doing last minute shopping. Well, actually, there was nothing much to shop for me - just some food stuff , preparing for the raya thingy. So happened, I met my junior when I was in Faris Petra. Effa ( wearing black ) she was in form 1 when I was in form 5 at the secondary school.

As usual, zak is the regular in my blog. My loyal hang out mate in Kelantan. Since we are both in the same boat , we do enjoy each other company :P

Anyway, the traffic in kelantan is getting worse as the raya is just around the corner. More and more people are coming back home. I dont think I'll be going anywhere tomorrow coz I reckon tmrw will the the worst! I'll just stay home and make biskut raya!

To those who are driving back to their "kampung halaman" - drive safely. Remember that ur lifes , do matter to other ppl around u. And also the bank, they are gonna miss u a lot to... the ah long, the ceti... these ppl will always remember u :)