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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Bday Imah

A very happy birthday to my beloved niece , miss fatimah az-zahra :) Uncle hensem wishes u many2 success , a million happiness and lots of fun ! Well, time flew so fast. 6 years ago, when I was deparating for moscow for the first time , she was just a small baby. Look at her now, such a fine young lady.
This is the nissan sylphy. There's a story behind this car. What Story???
One upon a time....... hehehe... let's start with a word of wisdom from another uncle who lives far far away......
he said :-

" to all parents, to all mamas and papas, to all daddies and mommies.... U can tell ur boy to do whatever u want , BUT u shouldnt tell him which girl he should marry, and what CAR he should buy"

HAhha... no kidding. When I came back from moscow, me n my parent went to the mall and we saw this car on display. Yes, this new nissan - also known as the nissan bluebird in japan. My mama was so in love with this car she recommend me to buy this car! No kidding. Sorry Mama.. I love u so much.. but I must be crazy to be cought driving in this car :P This a real big time uncle/grandpa car. Yes, I know nissan is the one who made the skyline and the highly rated new GTR... but , as a young fine gentleman - I have to say NO to sylphy. I saw a lot of uncles and grandads driving this car nowdays. I'm not in the category yet!

Sorry mama :P hehehe... I'll do whatever that please u as long as it's not about cars :) lalallalaa...

I remember, 7 years ago - after the SPM , I got the fully sponsored PETRONAS scholarship to do engineering and my dad asked me not to take it , I politely obbeyed my father request. In a lot of cases , PARENTS know BEST. In a few cases - the boy has to do what a boy has to do.


mummysyafie said...

kira nya kerjaya doc ni abah yang pilih ke? kira macam hannan ni anak omak n abah lah sia² tolok offer dari petronas tu kan

tiffany said...

kalau u amik petronas tu kan yang, mebi kite tak jumpe la kan... huhu... thank God for everything...

Chika Chika said...

ye la kan.
that nissan like pakcik-pakcik only. how to mengorat aweks la kan.

tini said...

yes.. still remember ur muka mondom ms dpt offer farmasi uia, n still can remember the bright hp face ms dpt offer pg moscow.. u were such a boy that time. :)