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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The visitors :)

me n jed
me n sophie

Jed n his gf sophie came down to kelantan yesterday. Their destination was the Perhentian Island. Since my house is located not very far from the jetty, I told jed that I could sent him to jetty from the bus stop. They reached pasir puteh (my hometown) early in the morning, around 5.00 am. At that time, I just woke up. I expected them to reach by 6.00am. So, I went to pick them at the bus stop and bring them back to my house coz their boat leave at 8am from the jetty.

Lots of funny thing happened at my house. That was the first time my parent met a real russian. Sophie came all the way from moscow. So happened that my granny was at my house too. She was very eager to see how beautiful russian is :)

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pearlEJ said...

tingginya sophie nih kann..