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Monday, September 08, 2008

it's coming...

I could feel it coming.... it's so damn close!

I got this check list from a fren , the main thing to check when receiving a new car...

  1. Check all the buttons on your remote works.

  2. Visual inspection of the car's body to check for dents and scratches.

  3. Check chassis number.

  4. Visual inspect the engine for any leak or overflow. Listen to the engine sound for any abnormality. (example out of tune, trembling, low idle). Give it a few rev and hear the exhaust for any loose metal particle.

  5. Browse through the Info on the lcd on the dash to make sure its working properly. Also check the gear position to see if it matches.

  6. Check undercarriage for any signs of damage.

  7. Check all windows at the front, all doors and back for any abnormalities.

  8. Check alarm system-by key or manual

  9. Check the lights, wipers, horn, aircond, interior lighting, power windows and child lock to make sure all in working order. Don't forget the cigarette lighter.

  10. Bring some CDs to test the ICE and check if the CD changer is working properly.

  11. Check the A pillar and radio head unit is fixed properly.

  12. Check the front chairs movable front back and up down for drivers chair.

  13. Check the rubber/floor mats are in place or missing.

  14. Check the leather seats for discoloration and bad stitchings.

  15. Check the rims as best you can for dents.

  16. Check the tyres are fitted in the correct orientation.

  17. Check the boot area fittings and the spare tyre + tools.

  18. Check the back seats 60/40 fold is working properly


tiffany said...

yea2, jantung hati no2 awak dah nak kuar ye... t bawak kite jenjalan tawww.... front seat kat sblah awak tu reserve untuk kite ekkk???


Ms B said...

Ah, u are getting a new car. Guess this will be your new baby, eh?

mummysyafie said...

pehh..dah nak sampai dah. orang lain duk sibuk baju raya..dier sorang je dapat keta baru tuk

kalau front seat tu shieda chopkan dulu..akak nak chop bonet tau..teman gi beli lauk kat pasar..ngeh..ngeh..biar busuk keta baru

pearlEJ said...

hihihihihi... seronok baca msg shida... tersengih sorang2 ej kat sini.... :D

bila nak keluar ni han??