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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Losing weight

Next topic. PPL being asking me how to lose weight , the proper way :)

Actually , I'm not in the best condition to talk about losing weight rite now ( sbb tu letak gambar last year punye :p )
Since I came back home - I've been eating non-stop! Yeah, mane x yer, my mama home made cooking - tiada tandingan nya! So, I did gain a bit of weight , here and there

Usually, come fasting month , I'll lose a few kilos. But here in malaysia - I really doubt it :P

But , here are some of tips to lose weight the proper and healthy way. If U could follow all the rules below , insya Allah - u'll thinner.

1 ) Eat LESS rice. THis the hardest part to do for us - the malay especially. Mane bole x makan nasi kan? But then , If u only eat rice .... let's say only 2 days in a week - that would be wonderful.

2) VARIATION OF FOOD. Keep changing ur menu! Eat different type of food everyday :) Rice for monday , sandwich for tuesday , ceasar salad on wednesday, mash potatoes on thursday, noodles on friday. Give something new to ur stomach everyday to keep it happy! Happy stomach = good digestion = healthy body = lose weight :)

3) Drink at least 2L of plain water everyday. THis is very important. In this fasting month , try drinking 1L after bukak puasa and another 1L during "sahur". The more the merrier. THe more plain water u drink, the more u urinate, drain more excess "thingy" in ur body.

So, try to follow this 3 steps in ur daily diet. But at the same time - u need to exercise as well. The least u could do if u r too lazy to exercise is - just climb the staircase :)

It's so simple to lose weight if u could obey these little rules !


Rebecca Ilham said...

Hey, you leave out the exercise part. I found running for 15-20 mins every other day helpful. Agree about nasi, or any other carb sources, in fact. And cut down sugar intake too!

Hannan said...

rebecca :)
yes, u r definitely correct
but, for this entry
I'm just focusing on diet :)
thanks for the info thou
always welcome!

axim said...

good info!!susah woo nak tinggal makan nasik..

vagg said...

han.. akak baru jek nk tanya pasal nih. hahaha tgk2 dh ada pasal losing weight.

kalo xmakan nasi lgsung tp ganti ngan benda2 lain cam bihun ke roti ke sup ke yg berlainan tiap2 ari and with a small amount ok x?

coz some said bihun, roti, noodles pun xleh gak kalo nk diet. dh cemano? dhle ada gastrik nih. sometimes kalo bergantung kat susu jek xmakan benda lain yg agak berat tuh mmg xbleh rasanya.

wénkt said...

kat malaysia mmg susah nak diet

mummysyafie said...

hihihi...tunggu masa senang sikit baru nak dier bulih??

pearlEJ said...

try to avoid makan kentang goreng... woooooooo tinggi wooo kalorinya... n minuman bergas jugak... eheheheh... :D