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Sunday, March 06, 2011

yus muslim

to yus muslim..
i dont know who u are,
coz ur name appear to be invinsible for some reason
whatever it is...
i dont care

not sure if u r a doctor , or  a medical student...
but ur words doesnt seem to be that u had encounter the real problem

i had my experience with needle prick incident with HIV positive patient
luckily i was just a witness..
but the amout of paperwork i had to do , was a lot
and my fren who got the needle prick from that drug users...
he got depressed..
he cant work , cant eat
he lost his life...
cant blame him...
not sure if yus muslim understand it

another experience with needle prick victim.
i met a senior medical officer
he's chinese
he got the needle prick incident as well...
and he got the virus.. yes yus muslim..
the hiv virus...
his wife left him
the children left him..
and he cant work anymore because of it
so yus muslim..
r u the one who gonna compensate his lost????
for all i know , he was  a good guy
an honest doctor
and yet, this happened to him...

if yus muslim is a doctor, she should understand

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akie said...

yus muslim is a HE