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Saturday, March 12, 2011

my mom illness......

First , I would like to thanks everyone for all the warm wishes to my mom ,
currently she's getting better , speedy recovery , thank you Allah

A lot has been asking what was my mom illness ,
occay , she got this disease called the degenerative disc disease ...
what happened is , the disc between her spine - lumbar bones , lost its funtion
the disc is supposed to be the cushions between the spine bones ,
however in my mother case , the disc is " corrupted "
due to ... well , let me put it this way ,
my mom works hard day and night to raise her kids ,
working everyday as a teacher , and also as housewife...
had taken it's toll on her...
the pressure was too much ,
and the disc cannot bear the pressure on the lumbar...
hence , it's herniated / potrude...
eventually , as the pressure on the disc worsen everyday ,
it herniated inside ..
and hit the nerve ..
which cause the symptoms  ... painful during walking  ( back pain and also pain at the lower limbs)..
and worse , cause numbness to the lower limb
it's typical in elderly people..
more common in elderly ladies
and my mom is on of it casualty
the pain worsening during standing  , walking .. and worst when u bend down
it's relieved by resting ...
and eventually , 
u'll need surgery to release the pain..

So, yes, eventually my mom opted for surgical intervention
as she cant bear the pain anymore
she undergo discectomy and decompression for her lumbar stenosis last tuesday
it was a succesful operation, everything went well
currently she's recovering ,
but still warded..
cant wait to see my mom walks again....


far_east said...

semoga emak DR cepat2 sembuh dan boleh berjalan seperti biasa

aisya said...

nk tanya,brp cost???
sbb nenek sy pon sakit mcm ni...
tp umo dy da 65,boley operate lg x??
hr tu da jumpe prof kt u-sains,husm,
dy kata either operate or inject...
n spine nenek da bengkok mcm hurf S..

Anna Da Lady said...

ramai jugak yang saya dgr ada masalah begini, terutama di kalangan baya2 mak saya..cth terdekat my mother in law.