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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

congratulation my dear fren

my best fren is finally getting married .. soon..
anyway , i'm so happy for him..
congratulation to Mr Syazwan Zahari ...
soon , u will become a real man ...
with a life sentence of marriage..
no way out..

unfortunately I wont be able to attend his engagement day
i felt so bad about it
but when can I do
my mom is going to be operated at about the same date
hence, i have to stay home and take care of my mother
no hard feeling k bro!
i'll be there for ur wedding for sure  :)

yes , my mom will undergo an operation next week ,
a spine operation...
it's a major operation
i just pray to Allah everything will be just fine

as a doctor myself,
i know the risk of operation
i know the possibilities,
and it does scare me at times
but then , this is what best for my mom

her pain is unbearable anymore
i hope this operation will take that away
i'm just glad that she'll be operated at my hospital
well , not really my hospital , the hospital i worked at
so happened i'm a medical officer at the anaesthesia department
i could be there for my mom from the start of operation until the end

as much as my mom has been there for me
i'll do my best for her

LOVE u mom


mummysyafie said...

dah nak kawen ke dier nan? masih kerja kat sini ke? tak pernah plak terserempak kat cafe..


MULAN said...

congrats to yr fren..

hope yr mama cepat sembuh..