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Saturday, March 12, 2011

there he goes , gugurnya seorang perwira

there he goes ...
my best friend .... finally engaged to his other half , miss Ellina
u did it
welcome to the real world..

it's a happy day for me to see my friend move another step foward to "get older"
and it's a sad day too  , gugurnya seorang perwira
well , the days are over dude...
time for the younger generation to take over the "jobs" and the "title" - if u know what i mean

i'm so sorry i couldnt make it as my mom is still warded after her spine surgery few days ago

anyway dude , congratulation again and i'm looking foward to ur wedding day
u guys are such a perfect couple!

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Syazwan Zahari said...

Thanks you my besfriend forever Dr Han, OMG, my stories appear on ur adorable blog! Tq.
Thanks a lot 4 sponsoring Patchi Chocs, really appreciate it dude!
Pls do make sure u'll b available in town on our solemnization day early June, as usual la kan, u kena gosok blkg i time akad nikah tu, amik semangat sikit..haha~
Thanks again doc.. will c u around, end my rgds to ur mom n family, hoping that everything's fine there..

Syazwan Zahari officially fiance Ell Elina