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Thursday, December 30, 2010

wedding gifts!

 still stories from my wedding!
sorry no update yesterday as i was oncall-ing
congratulation to malaysia football team for winning the AFF suzuki cup
good job
pity the kelantanese for not having the public holiday!
anyway , nak story sket pasal wedding gifts aritu
i got a lot of wedding presents !
took us the whole day to open them all
thank u very much guys!

one of the most cool wedding present ever
was the one in the photo above!
the rockford fosgate sound system for my car! heheheh
thank you!!!

this one is for real :)
 next would be the big gift from the anaest departments! the microwave oven. Thank you to all the doctors , the medical officers , the specialist ! this would be a very useful gift!
and it's samsung ... cool :) i love samsung...
 another samsung wedding gift came from vijan , sheng and the group! digital photo frame. A perfect wedding present. I put all my wedding photos in it , so everyone could enjoy watching the photo without turning on the lappy!
lots and lots of wedding present ...
these are only half of them...
thank you guys
u really made my day

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