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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i reckon i lost a few kilos after i was warded last week.
hopefully i could lose a few more kilos.
need to be in good shape..
healthy body... means, less chance of getting those cardiovascular disease..

above, my pix with my bff - dr rusliey...
we'll open our own clinic soon...
hope, the dream will come true..

currently... am very tired..
was oncall last nite..
just another day @ work i supposed..
if based on european regulation..
the EU had strict rules about the working hours..
so, back in europe..
if u are oncall that particular night..
u are supposed to have a day off the day later on..
but, here in our 1 Malaysia...
after 24 hours of oncall...
we still need to work another 12 hours after that..

so, technically, government doctors in malaysia,
if we are oncall..
we are working 36 hours non stop...

and yes, the secret is..
we are mutant..
we are the x-men.., superman.. batman, spiderman...
which explain we need no rest..
shhh... dont tell anyone...


Wahidah said...

huhuhuh..bionik kot..:P

tp mmg tiring kan..dh la on call pastu kena keje malysian doc sumer kuat..get use to it dh kot korang ne..huhuhu

Dr Violin said...

wow.. a clinic.. pls keep on meng-update about this one... really want to know what must hv u gone thru in order to open a clinic :-)

schzn said...

hahaha part last tu kelakar lah =))

s.c.h.u.l.t said...

AHAHAHAA. i guess that's applied to all health alliance.

keep on doing the good work doc. may Allah bless you ;)