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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

the other side of everyone's life

i just finished watching this movie, the blind side....
my tears dropped...
not that the story is so saddening..
or it's related to my life..
but it reminded me of a lot of thing..

it's a story about a homeless boy..
his real mother is a drug addict..
came from a gangster hood area...
and find his way to finally became a NFL superstar..
via help from his adopted family...

through out the movie..
it came to my mind..
that, there are lot ... thousand of people..
who are more unfortunate than us.. in this world..
some people, dont have house to live..
some people, never had a real meal..
just eating from the left over.. and worse, the garbage..

what really touched me was..
there were times, that I thought i hit the wall..
i thought, i was so unlucky..
i was unfortunate... that my life has ended..
yes, some think that being a doctor is already successful..
but for me i have far more dreams.

and I'm on my way toward it..
and currently , along the way ,
there are many hurdles.
and sometimes, i lost .. i just felt down..
and those are the times, i thought it was the end for me..
and i'm done..

but , after watching this movie...
it remind me..
what i've gone thru..
is far less challenging compared to others ..
some have to kill for food everyday..
me.... i just need to be more determined and patience..
to reach my dream..
and I'm praying that i will.

everyone should watch this movie..
if this movie didnt make u want to cry,
there is something wrong in ur brain..
maybe some infarction or intra cranial bleed...


Simple. said...

ur so true dr hannan :D
i thought being a medical student is the best thing happened in my life but then i just need to do something more to fill the emptiness inside my heart...

oh, crapppyy, not again :P

fathiyyah said...

salam ziarah bro. me reading ur blog from cairo


Feriyuri Jelyfa said...
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Feriyuri Jelyfa said...

There is a saying " don't cry when you don't have new shoes until you see someone without feet". Don't try too hard, keep cool & good luck.

wan normila said...

something to ponder...
something to remember...
something to realize...
I will always do that...
the reflection of myself..

MULAN said...

may your dreams come true doc.. and be sure u take care of yourself huh...!! enjoy life & be yourself haaa...