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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a complaint...

our last photo together, JPA sponsored MD RSMU moscow, batch 2002-2008

the photo above has nothing to do with this entry anyway,
but this photo is very sentimental to me, and my friends too, I'm sure..

i received a call from a friend today,
his wife , currently pregnant - 38 weeks - had episode of PV - vaginal bleeding
so, i advised him to bring his wife to the hospital to find out the cause of the bleeding,
it could have be the placenta previa or worst.. miscarriage..

so, taken my advice, he brought his wife to the hospital and the doctors there had done all the necessary investigation and the doctors decided to induce the labour ... i'm not sure the real cause of the pv bleeding, not much detail on that..

nonetheless, my friend decided to choose not to induce the labour - which is against the doctor advise.. which i told him it's for the best to follow what the doctor said...

so, in between choosing to be discharged , there were a little arguement btwn the husband and the doctor in charge. Definitely the doctor incharge was frustrated when patient decided to do against doctor advice... and the husband persistantly want to bring the wife back home and decided to wait for the labour naturally...

when he reached home, he asked me either he made the right decision or not.. i said it's ur wife.. and he said he was a bit upset about how the doctor handle the situation... nonetheless, he asked me to say sorry to the dr in charge coz he was a bit rude back then during the arguement..
i said it's ok.. it happened everyday.
of course, he as the husband was very stressed having to make the decision ..
and the doctor aslo was very stressed... well.. coz dr always stressful!

i told him, it's ok. we doctors, dealed with thousand of patients.. and there were a lot of arguement happened.. and between those arguement, there were things being said - which are not supposed to be said...
nonetheless, we are all human, we made mistake..
so, the next best thing we could do is to forgive and forget..
and let's do it all over again tomorrow...
life is a crazy cycle...


Anonymous said...

beshnyew jd doc..
cita2 dulu..

carrotmanis said...
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carrotmanis said...

hello?? @ 38weeks miscarriage?? klu PP tu aku blh trime lagi...38weeks dh TERM ok...baik ko g revise what is definition of miscarriage.

hani said...


boleh ke at 38 weeks miscarriage lagi? hurm..

p/s: nie tanya dgn ikhlas.. just wanna know the explanation

ummidamia said...

mestila not miscarriage.

Anyway, u should advise ur friend to brong his wife to the hospital again and follow what the doctor suggest.
Usually bila Ong advised to deliver that's mean either abrubtio placenta or bleeding placenta previa..

and thats condition may danger the baby and the mother..