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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

i love badminton

it was the first sport i play in my life..
used to play for the school, then for the district during my primary school lifetime..
as i went to secondary school, i started playing basketball..
hence i left badminton..

when i was in moscow, I started to play badminton again..

now, I'm back in malaysia, i have a lot of frens who enjoy badminton..
now, it becomes a routine for me..
my sport schedule.

sunday - badminton with doctors and medical staffs
monday - badminton with lancer group
tuesday - badminton with dubaiz group
wednesday - badminton with the pilots
thursday - futsal
friday - badminton with dubaiz group
saturday - soccer @ husm

there, there goes my days of life - currently
getting in shape..
anyone who is interested to join.. and stay near by kota bharu,
pls contact me..
the more the marrier..


Wahidah said... healthy...penuh rutin seminggu...besh2

wan normila said...

i nak ajak u main squash la...ok?