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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

umar strikes back

again, another picture of my little raksaksa nephew...
he and the family came back to kelantan for the weekend,
and while they were in kota bharu - we had dinner together @ kfc
and the kids dont eat rice..
just like their uncle..
but then,
living in kota bharu,
there is not many place to have anything else than rice..
kelantanese people are mostly malay..
and rice.. is 2nd to oxygen for them.
i have a little news here..
no.. i'm not pregnant..
i'll be transfered to hospital kuala krai starting from 10th of feb 2010..
yes, i was hoping for that in view of medical department in kota bharu GH is pretty much like Palestin GH...

hencefoward, i'll get some fresh air there... kuala krai..
not too far away from kota bharu...

bye2 kb..
say hello to kuala krai
i just hope the P1 wimax will have connectivity there...