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Saturday, October 27, 2012

family moment

a lot of my friends in KL asked me
"dude ... what do u do in kota bharu ? i have been there before and the place is so boring to live for our age..."

well  , i guess he is right
living in Kelantan is quite boring actually
it is a nice place to settle in
to grow up kids
to spend ur elderly life
kelantan definitely the right place to be

but then , for people who love to shop at different malls every week
for people who love to have meal at fine dining restaurant
for couples who enjoy watching movies at the cinema
kelantan is not for u for sure

now matter how boring kelantan is
it is my birth place
it is where i grow up
it is my hometown

we may have not much interesting place to go
the beaches are not as beautiful as they were before...
the waterfalls areas are such an eyesores..

i spend my weekends and free time at the fitness center
with my family
teaching baby nia how to swim
have a nice dinner
then we go back home
sound boring , but we enjoyed it
cherish the family moments
that what matter the most

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