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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


this photo above has nothing to do about what am i going to write
nia grows up so fast... was borned at 2 plus kg.. now she is already reaching 7kg by 5 months old
congratulation mommy for the breastfeeding.. u did well

back to the real topic today
it is an act of doing something stupid

it is a part of human nature to be an idiot at times
some  are able to hide that perangai buruk
some , they just keep potraying their idiotic image to the whole world

example of an idiotic thing to do...
- being a "mulut murai dan busy body"
this species is the stupidest persons ever
and i know a few of them
most of the time, these kind of poeple have nothing fun or exciting to do with their life
hence to opt to talk about other people life

to those people...
get a real life and stop being so "kecoh"
instead of calling and phoning other people to talk about gossip
might as well go and  teach ur children to read al quran
if ur life is so damn boring and flat ....
go to the mosque and learn something
keep u away from hell  .... after all the bad things u said about others

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