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Friday, April 06, 2012

Fcuk FAM

I know there are millions of Malaysian right now saying tutttt FAM

But they are probably right
I may not be a fanatic football fan
But I know what's right and what's wrong

TSAM has done such a wonderful job bringing up the red warrior team
And after being elected as FAM vice president, he did something good there as well too

Nevertheless, it is a human nature, someone so talented and loud is also a threat to somebody else
Hence , If there is a little chance to eliminate ur enemy, u should seize the moment
And TSAM has got his marching order

FAM, stupid as it is...


Sue said...

Agreed wif u Doc. Am also not a fanatic but i believe that as long as the exist president around, there will be no changes in our fball future.

sunny said...

Agree. I am also not a big fan. FAM makes the world laughing at us.My friend from UK says FAM is Fun Association Of Malaysia