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Sunday, April 15, 2012

being a houseman is not a cause of death

our nation has been shocked a few days ago by the death of a houseman at a government hospital
condolence to the family
a good doctor has passed away  and we all should thank him for all the good deed he has done , all the patients he had treated

but then ,
at the same time , there are a few people  tried to blame the ministry of health for his death
nobody knows yet the real cause of his death
he could be murdered , or he could has committed suicide
either way , being a houseman is not a cause of death

there are so many housemen before him
most of them are alive and happily working right now
i am one of them

3 years ago , i was a houseman too
yes , i hated that part    , it was hard and tiring , full of anger toward my seniors , sadness , fatigue ...
and many other feeling... which is not worth mentioning here
nonetheless , none of those feeling could lead me to death

if u are smart enough to get urselves into medical school
u should be smart enough to deal with ur problem and issue during housemanship
( unless u are not actually qualified to be in the medical school in the first place )

houseman nowadays has lighter workload
there is no more oncall for houseman anymore
they work in shift system
every week , they have 2 days off

unlike us back then , we work 26 to 28 days per month
we were lucky to have a weekend off in every month
we were oncall  10-13 times per month
yet , we all are still alive right now

yes , there are a few unlucky one who ended up  being a psychiatric patients
but none of us ended up in the morgue

my point here is , MOH is not to be blame
MOH has done a lot to help houseman these days
they should be thankful instead
not asking for less work
if u cant cope with ur current light work ,
please consider another job

again , condolence to the family of the dead
a houseman has passed away
but being a houseman is not a cause of death


Alfi Kasran said...

agreed :)

Nina Kay said...

May I ask, Where are your sources from? I am currently a houseman and I just got back from a 38 hour shift and FYI, I am doing 2 on calls per week -- thats 76 hours plus my daily 7-5. That is a total of 85-90 hours a week. Forget about off days. I haven't had one in 5 weeks. And most of my friends are working around the same hours, if not worse. There are faults in the system, a 6 year old would know. Please stop comparing 'your time' and our time. Because the quality of life of a doctor should improve, not deteriorate with time.