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Thursday, December 27, 2007

bye bye 2007?

I woke up early this morning, feeling a lot better, I could feel the energy running thru my body, my blood is finally, warm and red again. My brain , eventually could function normally. I looked into the mirror, and I could smile back to myself. I'm healthy again! Thank God. The man is back! The "Hannan" is back on the street babeh!!!. Haha.. So, I decided to "test drive" my body. I walked to the library today coz I need the books for the surgery exam next month. I might be the last person at the university who went looking for the books and as I expected, the library is technically empty!!! Hahhaha... lovely. I hate the crowd. Anyway, back to my real life story ( yup , going to library in consider a fairy tales!). The weather today wasnt that cold. About 1-2 degrees only. However, I put on my warm winter jacket as prophylaxis measure. After I finished all my errand at the library, I went back straight home. As I reached my room, I started sneezing again... hell yaaa... my flu came back! Hahaah... "Test drive" failed!

Just now, I was chatting with my classmate, who also became the victim of the virus flu. He also got 1 week mc as I did. I believed he got the flu from me. Sorry dude, I didnt mean it. It's just the rule of the nature. One sneeze, one breath, one cough, is more than enuf to infect other ppl when u have the flu. So, tomorrow, should I go back to class or not? Well, the sake of the humankind, it's for the best that I just keep the flu to myself rite? There is a good reason why my doc gave me a week off rite? So, I'm not going to class again tomorrow. Even if I do go to class tomorrow, I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna start sneezing as soon as the lesson start , and again, the doc will kick me out from the hospital again. What a waste of time and energy travelling so far to the hospital that located far-far away from my house. Conclusion - I'll be resting again tomorrow :) .


Mrs. Sheikh said...

ooohh nann..makan la ubattttttttttt

waliz said...

doktor bagi rehat..rehat laaaa...jgn degil...kalo dekat dah tarik telinga tu...hehehe

hannan..wish u happy new year too..muaaah!

^eMiKo^ said...

hannan,u didnt only pass the flu to ur classmate,infact im here in l'sia pun got infected da.. btapa kuatnya ur virus itu.. i have been sneezing in class and have a runny nose!! huhu... ksian kat clasm3.. hehe.. nnti dieorg lak dpt.. hoho... happy new year!!! get well sooon!!

^eMiKo^ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
intan kamaruddin said...

hannan, awk dah start new year cuti earlier than the others eh? haha.. today's temp here is -12. already freezin cold..

Hannan said...

mrs sheikh - dah makan ubat dah... ehehe

waliz - esok I'm back to classs... oooyyeaahh

emiko - that bad is it? uhuhuhu

intan- wow... -12... sana x cukup global warming lagi la intan

Anonymous said...

oit, i think u just passed the bug to me laaaaaaa....achoooooooommmm!!

pearlEJ said...

aaaachommmmmmmmm gakk.. :p

mummysyafie said...

nan..ada masa tlg edit pic akak gak er..leh?

hihihihi... :)