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Monday, July 06, 2009

feeling better!

Feeling a lot better!

after a few day of sorrow and sadness due to my sickness... :P
I feel a lot better now...
Finally, the end of my "nightmare" on call schedule.
A lot of new doctors just registered at the HKB,
hence my workload is lessen..
NONEtheless.. Thank U GOD for giving me my health back

I was a bit scare of having fever + flu at this current condition..
u know.. that thing called H1N1..
it's disasterous..
it has the same symptoms as normal urti...
hard to differentiate in early stage..
which one is the real deal..
furthermore - with a few confirmed cases at my hospital..
it's really scary..
Praying to God to protect me from that virus..

I had fever and flu and cough for the past 5 days..
I started myself on Paracetamol, actifed and amoxycillin..
then, the condition not improving..
hence , I changed to better drug.. the list A drug,
took the clarinase and augmentin..
showed fast improvement..

back to my birthday celebration.. this was my 1st birthday gift from kak nor a.k.a mummysyafie...

my first BONIA :) no kidding.. never bought or had anything from BONIA before...
love the gift a lot... thank you akak !


Jojo said...

hmmmm.. then i know why u r sick...
kezutan Bonia kot.. hahhahahaha..

happy belated birthday ..

mummysyafie said...

la, demam ke hannan? get well soon k..

sib baik suka..jangan lupa pakai taw