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Monday, July 27, 2009

the launching party - ALAHYUMI BISTRO

Last friday was the opening ceremony for my bistro - invited some frens for the bbq party, here are the photos~!
the guys from the moccis insurance :)

the doctors! Dr Ibrahim, Dr Shakirin and Dr Su

willie and his gfthe lancer GT geng.... this cafe is the official hang out place the LANCER GT club..
other club is also invited thou

my schoolmates ardhi, poknik and pokloh
the ladies in the club... nama dirahsiakan.. u need to come to my bistro to get to know them... hehehe.. sorry la... all taken..


Tie said...

Salam Doktor....

Tahniah atas pembukaan bistro ni...

Munkin kak tie akan berkunjung ke sana bila balik kelantan nanti... :)

alia amirah said...

kat mano? kelik nati nok gi la!

mummysyafie said...

nan, akak mai kelantan leh makan free hari² tak.. :)