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Friday, July 10, 2009

owh, My God!

i have to admit that I gained a lot of weigth for the past few months
this is a prove how great my life is at the orthopedic department
this department is the less stressful department at the hospital
yes, the motto is - fracture alone wont cause death!

nevertheless, the bigger issue now is - I need to loose some weigth
this evening I went to play football for the department at the state stadium
yes , the stadium... bukan main2 wei..
needless to say, my stamina was a dissapointment.
with a lot of extra weight , lots of fat ...damn it.. i cant even run properly
as I used to do before.

Therefore - my target now is to throw away a few kilos this month..
so , the plan would be...
2. Less food after 7
3. More exercise - will go jogging every evening if I'm not busy
4. A lot of mineral water - SAY no to carbonated drink
5. Proper rest - need to restrict my midnight activity ... heheheh

and more...

So, let's just wait and see.. today is 10th july 2009,
remind me on 10 august to weight my weight ..
see how much I lose..
well, I just want my normal body weight..


tini said...

hrp2 tempias blh smp ke srmbn =) anw, gud luck!

Hafizatul Akmar Hussin said...

Dr hannan, kenal Dr Rahimah tak? hospital KB kan? hiks.

Mrs.Sheikh said...

kan elok tu ...sihat ..:P kene kurang skit je nan..

shafizanjohari said...

Good luck