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Thursday, September 27, 2007

eurotour summer '07 - Frankfurt, Germany

" the nephew gonna grow up and become as handsome as his uncle, but, the uncle will get younger and become as cute as his nephew" .... -Hannan , sept '07-
Frankfurt city, germany, what a lovely place. Hasnun told me that frankfurt is also known as city of "porshes". But, after a day of observation at the road and the parking lot, i didnt see much of them. Doesnt really matter thou, becoz Frankfurt, has a lot of beautiful places, piece of art-buildings and very2 friendly people ( unlike the other city of Germany - guess which one? not Bingen for sure!) . As we entered the shops, the salesgirl/man will greet us , politely , and when we were leaving, even not buying anything - they still say cheeeerrsss... meaning good bye in the most friendly way!

after few days staying in Germany, we get used to the term of HB - haupbanhoff - meaning main train station. But, the train in Germany is very2 expansive compared to the other european country. Nevertheless... the train system is very2 reliable and very well organize.

had a great fun here in frankfurt. Did a liltle bit of shopping. ( theraphy katanya kak red!). I was hoping to avoid shopping all the way during my eurotour, but the SALES were very2 tempting. Believe me, if u were there, u'll end up spending a bit here and there also!

Since hasnun is a profesional photographer, i didnt have much photos with him in it. Plus, comparing my slim compact camera to his DSLR, I just kept mine more as an accessories. Yup.. thinking of getting my own DSLR too... but that thing is really expansive.. isnt true Lilly?

My stitch met a german fren !


Red Mummy said...

soping cam nak rak

aku dpt tea jer?

Lily.Lulu. said...

nan, kalau kat sane murah, beli je lah, dari beli kat msia, market price sekarang makin lama makin mahal la dslr .. pastu dengan all those lense lagi.

but 1 thing, bile u dah ada dslr, gambar u akan jaranggggg ada dalam kamera tuh .. hehehehe !!

but still, leh amik gambo sendiri guna tripod :D

Hannan said...

hahah.. tu la pasal lily... biler dah ade dslr... xder gambar sendiri.. huang huang2

ReDbLoOdSnOw said...

cuke nengok awek yg bertudung ceklat tuh. so sweet. Ur gf eh???

syokkk arrr u at moscow. Over there sejuk ker?

Aqilah said...

aik,.. bila plak atun amik gamba stitch ngan beruang koko tuh?? =)

dtg lagi ye nnt!! =)

aria ayumi said...

huhu kiyut ler mr stitch itew. besh die dpt kwn baru :D

mummysyafie said...

banyak shopping nan