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Monday, August 20, 2012

Karpal singh versus Islam

Another shocking news in our politic scenario today
Well.. Not too shocking if u are a politically active

Karpal singh again make his stance clear that he is against hudud and mr nashrudin isa is really pissed off.

Well, technically, every Muslim should be insulted when a non Muslim living in a Muslim country make that kind of comment .
Me myself is insulted and angry by that comment by Karpal singh.

Of course by law he could say that... But that is not the right thing to say in public I believe.

Lets go back to the basic here

The whole point of a lot of Malay who are Muslim supported PAS is mainly because they want an islamic country with islamic laws and regulation. That is what written in the Al Quran and Hadith , full stop. Should PAS really fighting hard for that.. It is compulsory for all Muslim to vote for PAS.

But then...when PAS joined the Pakatan rakyat.. There is no way they could rule the country in the Islamic way should they win the election.
There is DAP and Karpal singh. Hudud is not their best interest and they are against it.

So, what is the differences PAS could bring even if the win the election. By they I mean Pakatan rakyat. Hudud is still impossible if DAP is still around

Hence, pretty much no point of supporting PAS if they could not materialize their manifesto .

Should PKR win the election.. Islam wise ... It will be the same as Barisan nasional ruling the country.
Some might disagree with me.. Bu if u look closely.. Pas is powerless in the PKR .

They said... If u have to choose Btwn two evil... Stick with the one u know...
Currently under Barisan nasional.. Islam is the official religion. Malay man is the prime minister. I live happily in kelantan even thou it is ruled by opposition .

Until PAS can stand on its own .. Hudud is a long way to go.

I would support PAS if they are truly fighting for Islam... But with DAP around... There is no room for Islamic laws should they win.
Truth hurt.

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Shimaks said...

Cant agree more!