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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Hybrid cars

A lot people are afraid to buy hybrid cars because they are still pessimist regarding the lifetime of the battery.

Yeah, the car manufacturers mostly give 5 years guarantee for the battery...And most people reckon that after 5 years the battery need replacement .

What most of people didn't realize , even most of the normal cars on the road nowadays don't even have guarantee on their diesel or petrol engine . Even if they do.. Only for The same period.. The same 5 years .

Truth is... When the warranty period ended .. Doesnt meant the battery will stop functioning immediately ,
They manufacturers built the battery the same as the normal petrol engine... They should have last as long. The warranty period maybe 5 years. But it should be good for 10 years .

Then they said the battery of hybrid cars cost a lot...
Well.. It does
But then.. Answer me..
If ur bimmer need an overhaul
How much does a new engine cost ?
I reckon the petrol or diesel engine would cost more
And of course we r not taking about cheap proton engine here.
U can buy proton engine for a mere few thousand out there at any half cut stores .

So there u go..
The truth about hybrid cars

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Suliana said...

wah cun la kete u :-) brgn nak keta baru juga.. huhu