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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

9th gen Honda civic type R

This is the rendering of the ninth generation of the Honda civic type R. According to a car magazine this month, the 9th generation Honda civic which is just being launched a few months ago is Malaysia is the hottest cake heading toward this festive season . The demand is way more than the supply. The waiting list for the honda civic is about 2-3 month currently.

Should honda is to launch the next type R anytime soon, I reckon it must have something more to offer compare to the current type R which produce around 200hp. Honda should be aiming for 240-250hp for this 9th gen type R. The price should be slightly expensive ... The current one retailing at 199k... Maybe the next one should cost 10k more.

Anyway.. Let's wait and see for the real next type R. But it definitely will look something like this..but the specs is the biggest mystery and surprise ..

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