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Friday, August 10, 2012

I am against firecracker

Being a doctor
During ramadhan, we have similar cases coming in the emergency room that irked us a lot
The most famous annoying case is injury caused by firecracker or firework.

Year in and year out
Regardless of so many cases of amputated limbs due to the same injury..
The kids ( sometimes the adult as well) hardly learn any lesson from other people mistake

Last week at my emergency room, there was a case of firecracker injury . A group of stupid kids got injured. Apparently they put the firecracker into a glass bottle and light it up. Yeah.. Genius.
The end result.. Pieces of the glass stuck into the legs and stomach.
Real talent
Well.. U cant really blame the stupid kids .. Kids always do idiotic stuff
The parent is to be blamed for
Those parent who allowed their kid to play with firework should be sent to jail. That would teach people some lesson.

Well some of us might think that I am a jerk for saying that. Some said they can't control what their kids do. Well u should start trying!
When ur kids fingers burned and slashed into pieces.. We doctors are the people who will be stuck in the operating theater trying to save ur kids life
While the truth is there are a lot of other cases we could do
There are real sick people out there who need surgery
Those kids who purposely put their life in danger .. They don't deserve to cut the cue
We as doctors could have do surgery on people who appreciate their life instead ...

Something to think about
If u a parent and u still let ur children play with firework..
Seriously u r an idiot..
And for those who buy fireworks for their children.. These people should be put in jail for a day or two


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I hope more ppl will read ur advice, maybe u should put this in fb, more readers there.