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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guidelines for housmanship survival

Lesson 01

How to avoid extension in ur posting

I have survived housmanship
And I know how to get out from that hell alive and a with a big smile on my face

There are a few tricks to survive ur posting without being extended

The fair and correct way of course being an excellent houseman- meaning being punctual , smart, full of knowledge and good attitude
Nonetheless .... These values are hard to find in houseman nowadays

For those dumb heads who do not have those attributes above..
Reads this and learn occay :)

If u want to avoid extension

The most famous way is to be ur boss dog. Owh yeah... I saw a lot of these people during my internship. He or he knows nothing about medical... But he or she can really lick the bosses ass.. Real good...
But be careful... This method can backfire if u have enemy or there are other dogs around..

Trick no 2.

Be invisible . Never show off. Never make stupid thing. Avoid controversies . Follow orders. Never raised ur hand to answer questions by ur specialist. Always attend the cme.. Sit in the middle. Sit in the front.. People will notice u. Sit in the back, people will assume u r a lazy bum. Try to be punctual . Do not do extra work. Just do ur job . By the end of ur posting.. Ur bosses will not realize ur existence. .. U will be released ..

Trick no 3

Occay, this shit really work. I hate to teach u this but it is a magic technique . U won't be loved for this... But u will finish ur internship on time. But please dont do this. It will only destroy ur reputation.
Occay, here u go... Trick number 3... Report to the minister that ur specialist is treating u badly... Surely ur bosses cannot wait to let u go from the department. Maybe u will get off earlier ! I know a few people who did this. Owh yes .. There are housemen out there who do this.. And it worked brilliantly . And u will get an asshole title along the way. These idiotic selfish houseman definitely get away fast and the bosses are sick and tired of swing their faces in the department...

Occay... I think I have revealed enough. A lot of people up there are really piss right now with me telling the whole world the secret of getting out alive from housemanship..

But my true advice .. To all housemen.. Do not follow what i just wrote.. It will only damaged ur reputation. Except for trick number 2. Face it the hard way.. U will become a good doctor eventually....

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Joyce Gan said...

hahaha....i cannot tahan...sadly houseman nw are getting lazier....