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Monday, August 06, 2012

Ba ba ba

I am already 8 months old
I can stand up on my own
And I could mumbled "ba ba ba" and " pa pa pa" already
My daddy is so excited to hear me talking
Daddy said if I could pronounce the word " daddy" , he will give me a big ang pow for hari raya.
Don't worry daddy.. I m planning Suprise for u.
Every morning during ramadhan.. I ll wake up at 5 am in to make sure that daddy is awake for sahur.
This morning.. I woke up at 5.10 am and play with daddy's nose.
Then I climbed onto daddy's chest until daddy was awake
He took me downstairs and we watched baby tv together while mommy was preparing food for sahur.
Then we all ate fettuccini for sahur.
After ate fettuccine I felt thirsty and I jumped from daddy's lap to mommy's lap to drink my milk...
Then I felt asleep..
The next thing I realize ....
Daddy is already gone for work..
I miss my daddy already...

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