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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2nd day of weight loss programme

As I mentioned before
I m trying to lose at least 5 kg of excessive body fat therefore I could wear my designer clothing again without looking like a punching bag

I met shahezy Sam the other day. Well I don't actually met him, we happened to be in the same shop. That guy is good looking, slim n fit. Real charming and dress to kill. Then I look at myself in the mirror. I can be better than him! I am a bit taller than him, slightly tanner , but my biggest issue would e my weight n fat.

Therefore I am gunning to lose weight in these coming 30 days. 5 kg is my target right now, but I ll be happy if I could lose 3kg.

For breakfast it will be cereal and soy milk.... Just a small portion of it. Then I will take my appetite suppressor pill. Once a day is enough to make me fell unhungry all day long.

Then for lunch, I ll take my fat blocker pill together with the meal. None of the fat in food will go into my blood.. All fat will be excreted the next morning into the toilet bowl.

The appetite suppressor pill usually work for a day long. When dinner time arrive, I ll only eat fruits and nuts. Noting more. And on top of everything.. Drink a lot of plain water.

Yup.. Sound healthy. Truth being told.. Without the appetite suppressor pills .. It is hard to reduce my food intake..

So yes.. 28 days to go.. Gambatte to me!


erique said...

The appetite suppressor pill..interesting method..where can i find it doc?

Adileah said...

hi, and what about the fat blocker pill? where can we find it?

thanks doc

Dr Hannan said...

Personally email me with ur contact number for detail occay guys!

Dr Hannan said...

Personally email me with ur contact number for detail occay guys!

Blogger said...

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